Street Food in Bangkok


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

So much amazing food


One of the things that Bangkok is famous for is its street food. As long as you have a few baht in your pocket, you will never go hungry in this city because there are food vendors around every corner.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

@faitherz33 and I broke away from the conference for a few hours this afternoon so that I could get some new pants to wear for the temple trip that we were going to be going on in the evening. I needed to get something that covered my knees because my outfit is too sexy to wear if my knees are showing.

So we headed over to the famous MBK Shopping Mall and I bought 3 pairs of the most comfortable pants in the world. Think of some MC Hammer pants mixed with a little bit of Thai culture and that is what I bought.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

Outside of MBK is a long row of street food vendors that had all sorts of delicious (and not so delicious) looking food. One thing that we finally found that we were very excited to get was the sweet rice with mango.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

The mango rice came with a little container of what I think was a sweet coconut milk and a container of little crunchy nut thingies. We poured the milk and the nut thingies on top of the rice and ate a scoop of rice along with the piece of mango, and boy oh boy was it DELICIOUS.

The mango was the best mango I have ever eaten in my life. One thing that @faitherz33 and I have been talking about while we have been eating some of the food here is that the vegetables and stuff have a very different taste than they do back in the US. We can only assume that is because the food here isn't genetically modified in a science lab. We had baby corn things with one of the meals and it actually tasted like corn, but with a more rich and nutty taste to it.


Photo taken by me @derangedvisions

As you can see Faith was very excited to try out the mango rice. We have been loving our time here at Steem Fest 4 and it has been awesome meeting so many new faces and catching up with some of the people I met last year and some that I talk to on a daily basis here on the blockchain.

We are looking forward to more adventures here in Thailand and more amazing stuff that @roelandp has planned for Steem Fest. I want to thank him for all the work he has put into making sure that this runs so smoothly and making this such a memorable experience for all of us.

Anyways, it is getting late and hopefully tonight is the night that I will get a good night's sleep here and be well rested in the morning. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my food post. You are awesome!!

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I hope we get to see you in those comfy pants! So jealous that you get to eat real Thai food. The photos are great, and love hearing about your adventures xxx

I am sure there are pictures of me in the pants floating around somewhere, lol. The food here is great and I don't know how well we will adjust when we get home and have to go back to eating fake Thai food back in the US.

roeland really is the master of ceremonies. lovely pictures.

He really does an amazing job putting these together each year.

He really does an
Amazing job putting these
Together each year.

                 - derangedvisions

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Awesome update! I've been to Bangkok a long time ago. We did try their street food too. 😉👍

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That is awesome. We can’t wait to get back out there today and see more of the city.

Man, I love thai food. I don't remember if its time for them yet, but if there is durian there, try it. Weirdest fruit ever! 😂

Trust me, I am looking forward to trying it, lol. I have been hearing all sorts of stories from people that have had it before.

Eheheheheh it sure is a new experience. You either hate it or love it! Good luck and have fun, let me know if you find it! 😉

Have an amazing time:):)

Thanks. It has been a blast so far.

you have got a pretty sweet camera and / or eye for taking photos. I eat these things on a regular basis and you just made them all look so much better with your creative angles or whatever it is that you did to make it so.... how to say.... artistic.

Oh and those MC Hammer pants, did they have elephants on them? If so be careful, the seams tear on those oh so easily.

Thanks for the compliment. I just found out that you live here in Thailand up in the Chiang Mai area. My wife and I have been looking at moving up that way once our kids graduate from school.

Just like anywhere in this country (or any country) it has its good and bad aspects. Mostly i dig it up here

youuu epic posing @faitherz33 lol


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hahahaha... too sexy! OMG... yeah, just believe that... and stop with all that !BEER 😂
And I start to think you will re-start the theme Food when you come back! C'mon, I just fineshed my meal, check the new post on steemit and, bam, I'm hungry again...

Well the food theme never did officially stop. All of the contests were put on pause while I am here and they will all resume when I get back home. But I am glad to get more of my own food photography images though and get more practice taking these kinds of pictures because I have never taken food photography before.

I loved the street food there such variety and the tastes were amazing :)

I am going to miss all of the food here. It is so good.

I can understand that, on my visits there my first and last stop was for the food LOL

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Hey @derangedvisions, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

LOL @faitherz33's face with the mango sticky rice. Actually I probably acted similar when I had my mango fix after bowling last night hahahaha

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Haha, love that last pic.!! Looks like your all having a fantastic time in Bangkok, im so envious and wish I could have afforded to go! Bangkok is going on my bucket list and hopefully next year or one of these years I will make it to Steemfest and meet you all! Have a great time, and keep sharing your awesome pics. with us!! 👍😍🎎
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This made me miss Thailand! We have some good good in Vietnam too, don't get me wrong...but Thai street food is something else.

Also, I wonder if it's the lack of GMO's that make fruits and veggies taste better or if its simply that things are coming from local sources so they're fresher as they haven't traveled half way across the world to get to you like much of our food in the states.