behind schedules, November 6th

in portraitcontest •  15 days ago 

Is it any surprise that an avaricious specimen such as myself takes the challenge lightly and as a result, falls behind early on? Such is the case, with today’s number not nearby in terms of completion, and my own assignment outlined, unfinished. What should I do? Forget the games. Focus. I have the work cut for me, but at times, my heart is not in it. I feel frustration sometimes, at the lengths I go through, but in that, I reflect that others have different problems. As such, I feel a relief in the ability to share these thoughts, wrestle and wrangle them like pieces to an office chair, and ask for instruction, especially when things are not quite clear. I appreciate the endeavor, as I come to terms with the consistency the game I play requires, no matter it be electronic or visual, academic or personal. I think the better I can address these feelings, the more effective my efforts will be. In any case, I appreciate the opportunity to share, as one who enjoys creation might, if they feel it’s the right play.

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