Travel Pro Places of Interest #276: Wat Pa Dara in Chiang Mai Thailand! Part Six (9 photos)

Wat Pa Dara was our first stop when we set out to do the 106 kilometer Somoeng Loop Motor Bike adventure; which is also another beautiful photo series showing the highlights of the trip. Speaking of highlights, Wat Dara was so impressive I couldn't help but take many photos to show you, and show off how beautiful this place really is.

Located about 10 minutes north of the city of Chiang Mai you can find the sprawling Buddhist Temple full of monks and all things Buddhist! This place was almost more like a museum in many ways. They had wax figures of older monks who have passed away, they were life size and in there own glass case. Another very memorable thing there was a big photograph of the Queen when she visited this temple. She was bowing to the head monk! Interesting culture, right?

I would say this place was also like a Buddhist art exhibit. It seemed like every inch of space was given attention and detailed in one beautiful way or another. There were sculptures, statues, relics, paintings, artifacts, and even those wax figures previously mentioned.

There was one main temple and many other temples as well on the grounds. The main temple seemed to be the crown jewel, as it actually had a second floor. This is the first time I've seen a temple with a second floor. And on this floor, it seemed to have the creme de la creme of shiny objects! It's as if you found the treasure room in one of your favorite video games.

It's full name is Wat Pa Dara Phirom Phra Aram Luang! And it is remarkable. A must see place for any visitor interested in Buddhist culture or art in general. Now come along and lets have a closer look at Wat Pa Dara in Chiang Mai Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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