Real Life Captured #378: Chiang Mai Thailand! Part Twenty-Six (9 photos)

Chaing Mai easily makes my top five list for most affordable and most livable small cities in the world. Rich in Thai Buddhist culture, history, and amazing food; it's hard not to enjoy a stay in this city. It was founded in 1296 and was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom until 1558. The Old City area is comprised of walls and moats that date way back in time.

One of the things I like most about Chaing Mai is it's size. With a population of only 130,000 this is no Bangkok; not even close. However, it's got nightlife, shopping malls, traffic that moves, fresh air, and a relaxed vibe where people more often than not have a smile on their face.

Chiang Mai is the main city in the north of the country, and is also one of the most affordable places to live in all of Thailand, maybe all of South East Asia in terms of bang for your buck. Currently it's covid times and my passport is suddenly all but worthless. So I'm staying in Thailand for the long term, however it's now the 4th place I've lived in Thailand in the past 7 months, so the Travel Pro still can't stay put!

To give you an idea of how affordable Chiang Mai is I'll tell you that my modern and new one bedroom apartment with gym and pool in a quiet neighborhood is just $290 a month, furnished with all utilities included! My motor bike rental is just 60 dollar more per month and it cost two dollars to fill the tank. So my base cost of living is just $350 a month.

Head over to the Mueng Mai Market and you can come home with a week worth of groceries for as little as 10 dollars! That is high quality fruit, meat, and vegetables. With the affordability, great weather, peaceful Thai Buddhist hospitality; no wonder Chiang Mai has been attracting expats and tourist alike for many years.

These sets of photos range from my bike trip to Pai, a small town in the mountains. We'll see monks, temples, food stalls, people living their everyday lives, even photos of the Loi Kratong Festival of light. Now come along and lets have a look around Chiang Mai Thailand!



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro Pro!

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I hope to go to Chiang Mai too~~~^^

I'm sure you will get here sooner or later :)

beautiful city, there are many beautiful places and sights in Chaing Mai

Yes there are. Thanks for leaving a nice comment :)