My Fluffy Valentine

in photography •  10 days ago 

Happy Valentines Day Steemit!

❤️ Is this a gift arriving?




Just check out my fluffy bad boy! He knows I won’t share them really but the smell is like catnip to him!! It totally drives him insane!


Happy Valentines Day everyone!

May it be full to overflowing with love and joy! 😻❤️

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Happy Valentines!
Cats are so curious, aren't they?
Mine sniffed the chocolate and the new flower and now is purring next to me. 😼

Awwww that’s so cute! 😻

Hahaha ... what a gorgeous Fluffy Valentine =D

Indeed he is lol thanks @icedrum



  ·  10 days ago Reveal Comment

That is so funny he likes tomatoes 😹😹😹