Portraits among nature. "Breaking the rules"(Portrait Photography)

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Good afternoon, Steemit community and PhotoStreem tribe.

This is the 98th publication of my photography blog.

One of the rules of photography is not to take photos when sunlight is very intense, that generates very hard shadows and there is a risk of burning the image. However, the rules can always be broken, in this case I made the following shots a very sunny afternoon at 16 p.m. and the results were quite satisfactory.

For these shots look for a place with many trees to stop the intense sunlight, the rest is a matter of correctly exposing the light.

DSC_2330 (2).jpg

Nikon D7000 \ Af Nikkor DX 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR \ 1/80s \ f/5.6 \ 42mm \ ISO 320 \ Natural Light \ Portrait.


DSC_2332 (2).jpg

Nikon D7000 \ Af Nikkor DX 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR \ 1/80s \ f/5.3 \ 80mm \ ISO 320 \ Natural Light \ Portrait.


"Photography is one of my great passions. I am an enthusiast of this art...That is why I also value the work of other photographers, from whom I always learn something new..."


Look at the world, frame and shoot!!!

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Beautiful smile and green background makes this portrait awesome.

@tussar11 Thank you !! :)

Lovely photos here my friend!

@papilloncharity Thank you!!!
Cheers!! :)

👌 ❤️ 👌

This is so true! I took several photos only to reveal that they were washed out with the light. I am new and learning.

@ambiguity Thank you very much for your comment... photography is a constant learning. I wish you luck... :)

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