Ghost effect (Long Exposure Photography)

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Good morning everyone!!

Here I am again with another photography post.

On this occasion, I will show you an effect that can be easily created in any photo editing software, although in my case it has not been so...

It's about the so-called ghost effect...

This is what happened to me, I was trying to capture the traces of light that the cars leave when they pass and the vehicle that is to the right of the photograph, stopped for a few seconds. I thought about discarding the image, but when I got home I had a good impression and decided to share it. The time the car was stopped was enough to create this effect.


Nikon D7000 \ Af Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR \ 30s \ f/20 \ 35mm \ ISO 100 \ City Lights \ Long Exposure Photography.


We have reached the end of this publication, I hope it has been of interest to you. See you next time!!!

Have a great day!!


"Photography is one of my great passions. I am an enthusiast of this art...That is why I also value the work of other photographers, from whom I always learn something new..."


Look at the world, frame and shoot!!!

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me encanta salen cosas tan interesantes y bonitas yo también practico no salen perfectas pero lo intento me encanta y con el agua puedes hacerla sedosa
feliz dia amigo

Muchas gracias @txatxy... A mi me queda aún mucho que practicar, pero ahí vamos "pokito" a poco aprendiendo más... Lo importante es disfrutar del momento..
Un saludo!!! :)

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Congratulations @nightportraits

Thanks @ambiguity :)


Thanks so much!! @ylike7

You welcome

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