Awesome Graffiti Art On The Steem Blockchain " A Noble Flag Style Mural- RIP Smolith "

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Hello, dear Steemians


Art On THe Walk

Today we continue with the second graffiti at the S-Bann line.
The house is uninhabitable and someone took the trouble to put some big dog kennels there.
As already described in the first article, it must be about huge dogs, because you can hear not only barking but it also rumbles properly when you walk past there.
The graffiti here reminds a bit of an old noble flag.


Rest In Peace, You Faithful Friend

Smolith the dog wanted to be in the picture.
Sadly it has been one of his last walking rounds as he died last night with a lucky age of 14 years.
He will get in any case, a special place in dogs heaven.


Tomorrow I am back with more graffiti art at the park.

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Its an another graffiti art for steem blockchain, very interesting subject and dog is related at there, have a great day and waiting for the next one what's coming up.

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