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More school assignment work, quite a contrast to the previous post/images. The word is balance and I went with a pretty literal portrayal by balancing on my tippytoes in pointe shoes. If you look carefully, you'll see the box I'm balancing on is an old explosives crate from the army, adding to the word balance, in form of contrast, which I think is closely related to balance.

I have a weird obsession with the pointe shoes, even though I have never taken ballet lessons and even real ballerinas take years of training before they get to wear these. They hurt like a bitch but there is just something to them that fascinates me greatly. I think it's a similar feeling to wearing very high heels, it's a form of fetish.

I also made a little GIF, just for fun and games, I hope it works here.

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Was it painful tho? or you got some some support from the wall as well? :)

I did lean on the wall for extra support but I can stay on my toes for a while without that too. My toes handle this pretty well but my feet cramp really easily.

True! in that type of position all the muscles are contracting and cramping is expected. but great job! they look pro! ;) <3

Keep your balance, one false move and the whole crate will go boom 💥

(Bit like steemit and tron at the moment)

It actually almost did go boom when I stood too close to the edge and it tipped 😅

You’re toes must be all cracked doing those lol

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Njääh, not too bad really, wasn't doing it for too long :D

Your Toes hahaha


Ewwww nooo I have cute feet!

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Congratulations @eveuncovered