Long Canyon View

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Green trees and blue sky look so nice together with the mountains and clouds. It's a wonderful view of Long Canyon trying to emerge from the shadows.

winter wonder 8x5.jpg

This image was captured on 12-27-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.

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Hi @irvinesimages ,It is as you describe it, it seems that everything on earth seeks to get rid of this thick layer that covers it.
happy weekend

Hi Martha, As the clouds come and go we watch. Happy weekend

Amazing shot :)

Thanks a lot.

That's a towering view with a lot of different layers in between. I counted like 5 different significant layers, there might even be 6... Very immersive and almost 3d looking. You also got some nice varied lighting and some beautiful clouds/sky as well, awesome shot!

i agree, the layers are great with nice lighting. Thanks Paul.

The green and blue do go together nicely. I agree. Great shot. I like the clouds as well. Nice

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Those were some cool clouds that day, just great. Thanks leaky20.

Saludos, @irvinesimages Las nubes dan una apariencia de estar ocultando la morada de titanes o dioses, son fascinantes estas imágenes que nos das la oportunidad de disfrutar… Gracias.

Greetings, @irvinesimages The clouds give an appearance of hiding the abode of titans or gods, these images are fascinating and give us the opportunity to enjoy... Thank you.

Hello jexus77, I like your perspective. Sounds wonderful indeed. Thanks!