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A few weeks back I was headed to Las Vegas with my family for my son's gymnastics competition and we stayed overnight at my Uncle's place in Hurricane, Utah (pronounced her-i-kun) and so I planned on getting up early and shooting sunrise at a nearby spot.
When I checked the weather and it called for clear skies (not great for sunrise) I thought I'd check to see if there was a chance for some early season milky way. Hoorah! I'd have an hour of milky way core above the horizon. So I set my alarm for 4 AM and headed to bed around 10 PM.

It took about 45 minutes to drive to the location and 20 minutes to hike to where I could shoot. I was alone, in the dark, and it was about 20ºF. Southern Utah is home to coyotes, mountain lions, and of course the dreaded chupacabra. Fortunately I had no scares with wild things, besides some fresh (still soft and warm...don't ask) droppings on the trail which I assume were from a coyote or chupacabra, but I heard nothing so I was good.

Trying to find good compositions in the dark is pretty tough but I was able to come up with the following photos.



As it got closer to sunrise I could see more of the foreground and quickly realised how awesome the landscape was. I'll be back again to get more night photos of this amazing place.

20200131058 1.jpg

20200131071 1.jpg


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The Astro shots looks incredible! Great work, definitely giving a follow!

Oh my! These are GORGEOUS shots. Both the nighttime starry sky shots, and the amazing rock formations in daytime.
(still soft and warm...don't ask) droppings on the trail which I assume were from a coyote or chupacabra,
Hmmm, but did it taste like chupacabra droppings?!? LOL

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All I'm gonna say is that it didn't taste like coyote.

XD Well played sir!

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What spot is this? I'll be down in that area a bit in march and even end of this month as well.

If I told you, I'd never be able to share one of these for #whereisitwednesday. ;)

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Congratulations @caseygrimley!

Excellent pictures my friend, congratulation.

Wow! Beautiful!