wild dragonflies

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wild dragonflies

Today, before going on a trip, to look for and take photos of nature, birds, insects, flowers, and the like, for my posting material, I will first test every lens that I will use, because on my upcoming trips, I bring two Canon cameras, which I have had so far, joined in the steem community.

The camera that I will bring is:

  • Canon 1300D Special Video and Image Camera
  • Canon 600D Special Image Camera

in order to get maximum results and good, to avoid things that I do not want, if there is damage, when I use it, on my trip next Friday.

In this trial, I tried to take pictures of wild dragonflies, which were, above, broken branches of trees.

I will start with the picture, which is below :


The picture of the dragonfly that took the picture, from the left side of this position, I took a picture using a Canon 600D camera, and I used a Tamron 70-300mm lens.


indeed I am not clever yet, in using this type of lens, both in settings, we must learn, first, according to the weather, where we take pictures. then, in the next few days, it will take time, for me to try, to study it, in order to get results like other reliable photographers.


like in the picture above, I use photo techniques, sequentially, in taking pictures, this goal, selalin can get a different picture, to avoid, if this dragonfly, too fast to fly, then, it will be in vain if we are in the forest, while taking photos of birds.


in the picture above, I get a good picture, while taking pictures, this type of dragonfly, is eating its prey, namely ants senagga, which is located, right in its mouth, in this condition, I am not too long, hiding, between large grass weeds, at my feet it turns out, there have been many ants, which bit my leg.


after shifting, slowly, I get the picture, right from the front, this type of dragonfly. You can see it, in the picture above, I was already wondering, why is this dragonfly, not yet flying, because, the insects that become prey, have not been eaten, put in his mouth.


another movement, which I got, when testing, the ability of the lens, which I had cleaned and prepared, for my trip was. image above, and the image below.


wild dragonflies

below, I will explain about this type of dragonfly, according to what I have known so far,

the types of dragonflies that you see, very many types, which have very different forms too ,, for example:

  • big size
  • medium size
  • small size

in this difference, have different names, according to where this type of dragonfly is located.

in breeding, this type of dragonfly, also has differences, among others:

  • look for stagnant water flows, such as brackish or lakes, which have immovable water
  • looking for a stream of water, which is a little more swift, to lay eggs.

in the two points above, the goal is to lay the eggs of dragonflies, just above the dried leaves, or stagnant moss, until the eggs are laid by the parent dragonflies, hatched, which are present, located, alongside a river or lake.

those are some that I know all this time, hopefully what I convey, become bermandaat, for us all.

that is what I can say, I end with the words, greetings @sultan-aceh

Type insectdragonfly
Location PhotoOpen forest
Camera usedCanon EOS 600D
Lens CameraTamron
Photography by@sultan-aceh

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Memang droneuh fotografer top. Han loen pateh miseu hana pintar roeh neupeugah, that krak-krak gamba denden pawang. Leuhh neu tampilkan gamba, na keterangan tentang tiap-tiap jenis denden, jadi menurut loen, @sultan-aceh, nyan cap 👍👍👍

nyo hai ... laen nyow lensa tamron.

payah muruno lon bak steelan
pu na pakat jak gunong tangse jumat nyo.. lon me 2 oh lensa...heheh

Tangse, sep brat meuheut lonjak keunan 😍, tapi han meutume jak miseu uroe jum'at, payah loen peu lheuh tas ureung kantoe dekranas dilee. Sabe loen hana can huff.....

ka loem ..... sabe kecewa ... ban ta pakat .. lage tapakat
aneuk gadih saree... hana so rah iya di krung ..hehehehehhe

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Hana tateu oh peuget memang roeh sabe lam halangan. Ilong neu puwoe foto mnteng hideh nteuk wate troeh neuh di Tangse, neu foto beu le , neu bagikan inoe. Loen preh nyan 😃

these dragon flies looks so beautiful amazing clicks :)

thank you so much @blazing

Natural short

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thank you so much

So beautiful view