About Freedom and Giving It Up

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365, times 2, plus some change. That's how many days I got the privilege to enjoy an incredible amount of freedom. And that's just about all I had. Which is more than a lot of people even dare to dream of.

I never ever took my freedom for granted, not a single day. It came at a price, a price I was willing to pay, for a time, and it was what I needed for my health and sanity.

At some point though, it started to feel like too much freedom, which in my case was self inflicted isolation really, was too much of a good thing. I needed a reason to wake up and leave the ivory tower. It took me a really long time to figure out what that something would be.

I was not willing to give up my freedom just for anything. The benefits would have to out-weight the cost.

When I finally did saw something I felt like could work for me, everything fell into place pretty quickly. I applied for school, got called for an interview and then accepted the next day. Few weeks later and I'm now a student of photography.

I have a reason to get up, get dressed, put on a game face, and go learn more about the thing I already love.

At the moment it feels really good to be forced to leave the house, but I'm sure at some point I will hate it with everything I have. I've had the privilege to sleep in when ever I have wanted to, eat and drink when I wanted to, work on pictures throughout the night, or not even pick up a camera in days if I wasn't inspired. If I was sick or it was that-time-of-the-month, I could skip the whole day and just lay in bed. Now there is the possibility that I will have a really shitty day and I will still have to human, that gives me a bit of anxiety.

Luckily, I have made a great choice in school and we don't have what they call contact days more than three per week, and not even every week. I still get to have my freedom for a lot of the time, and also feel like I have a life when I'm in school and socialising with the people in there.

It'll take me some time to get used to this humaning thing, I'm freaking exchausted

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You have definitely got one of the best landscapes around you though! :) <3

It's alright when the weather is nice :))

I bet!
But it can get pretty cold on winter though right?

It should be winter right now but the weather is pretty damn sad :( On a real winter we should have a solid -10 degrees Celsius all the time.

what do you mean by sad?
like its not that cold?

We have tiny bit of snow, temperature hovering around 0 and it's too MOIST.

Ahhh I get it!
So it's not real winter for you now. ;/
well the spring is near and the temperature should be starting to raise.
Actually it has started to feel like the start of spring here in my town.

I think it's wonderful thing that you'll become even better at your trade. That way, your work can attract more attention to this platform. Also, you would have easier time finding work off chain.

You will be able to handle the contact days. I'm sure. It'll beat the kitchen 100-0.

I think overall my biggest obstacle is working for people and with people. Photography, whatever, I can do it. I'm hoping school will give me some confidence in terms of working with people.

It'll beat the kitchen 100-0.

Haha, yeah for sure!

'I have a reason to get up, get dressed, put on a game face, and go learn more about the thing I already love.' I felt that. I'm following you!

well done for taking a step into the outside world with like minded people who you can learn from, can learn from you.. I'm sure you'll flourish in your studies and it won't be exhausting for long. It will begin to give as much if not more energy back than you give it :) applause.. freedom is not over-rated but too much can deprive us of what makes us truly human

Awww Eve. You will get used too school, sooner than you like. And yep, you're going to hate it after a year or so. Just keep on reminding yourself why you started this in the first place. Some humans will always be a pain in the ass and some humans will brighten up every single schoolday, but I guess that's just 'life'...

You can do this❤

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Congratulations @eveuncovered

Thank yous!

Nice, enjoy your lack of freedom, Eve, it will be worth it!

So far I’m enjoying this :)