My Seascape Photography with Edits..... #steemexclusive

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Me venturing into photography in these recent days is actually a dream come true for me. I've been aspiring to do a lot with photography for a very long time now but then I do not have a camera good enough to provide what I really do desire in photography.

I just got an iPhone 8 plus and the camera responsiveness is quite impressive. The picture above, I took it some days ago and it's already with my desired edits already.


This is the initial picture without edits. It's not carrying so much vibrancy due to the fact that it was snapped while I zoomed in x4 and the strength of the pixels had gone down a bit.


Here's the monochrome version of the edited picture. I created some perspective effects in the edits and as you can see in the initial picture, there wasn't any angular perspective until I created it myself to create some interesting movements since the nature of the view has an actual motion feeling which the camera can not retain in a picture.

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