The cruelty of nature...

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When I started editing this photo and saw that beautiful blue sky, I was reminded of the disaster and flooding of a few days ago...
It's only been a few days, but the results of that storm will be visible for months (and maybe years) to come.

Thousands of people have lost just about everything... no more houses, no more furniture, problems with insurance (because there are always problems with insurance)... and many even lost their lives. We currently count 53 deaths in Belgium alone...

And today, actually since the day after the disaster, the sun shines as if nothing happened...
Speaking of cynicism... 😒

I hope there are no affected persons among my followers. There are not many Belgians here, but the problems also occurred in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria...
In any case, I wish all those affected a lot of courage and all the best!

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The same situation here in Germany, we were lucky, we live more to North-West, but I agree the disaster that causes a lot of deaths and homeless is unbelievable. Many will not be able to recover.

The photo is beautiful :)

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Happy to hear everything is fine with you and your family 👍