I am convinced...

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...that this good man had something completely different in mind when they promised him an open space desk 😉

PS: this must be my first time doing a combination of street photography and color splash... but I think there will be more to come...
I've always been a big fan of black and white for street photography until now, but I have to admit that this bit of color gives the photo just that little bit extra...

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Right you are 😉

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Yes, in color or full black and white it would not be so interesting
Excellent result!

Thanks a lot my friend 👍
How's life going?

I am resting in the village, river, forest, nature. Everything is great. The rate of our token is a little upsetting and the silence in the wallet and under the posts, but no one promised that it would be easy :-))
How are you? What's new?

haha, yeah, the "silence" in the wallet is disturbing 😉😂
Right now I'm finishing my IT-course... still 2 weeks to go and then, somewhere begin August...a final test 😱

But if I pass that last one, I'll have much more free time afterwards...maybe even a short holiday, who knows. Haven't had a real holiday for 5 years now so... I think I deserve it 😂

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Thanks! I love to be boomed 😉
Did you left your quarantine already? I hope you guys are/were not in the same part of Germany where all those floods happened...