A greeting from Skar

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A small community furthest out to sea. The nice weather give a great view towards the mountains on the other side of the fjord. Some farmers and some fishers live at this place, maybe a dozen people during the winter. Here are many cottages and summer houses. in the summer there are many more out here.






Some pictures from Skar, the place with a nice view out to the sea



the weather is good, so that it gives such a pretty and beautiful view when we see it

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You are welcome

amazing shot

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How are you dear friend @karja good day
What a beautiful place, surrounded by nature and fresh air to breathe, ideal to lower the stress level. great shots
I really appreciate that you let us know
have a beautiful day

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Lovely scenery by the sea and mountains.

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Very natural panorama, with the beauty of the surrounding mountains and lakes @karja

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Such nice place, having small community people might be very helpful to each other. Lovely scenery, but also a feeling of spring :)

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Wonderful scenery of the sea and the mountains with a lot of huge white clouds! The house and the boats are beautiful. It looks very nice atmosphere and peaceful. Great shot! Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

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You're welcome! ;)

Wonderful place. Greetings.💫

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