Fifay Travels: One Sweet Day! ~~ at The Dessert Museum

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Today I’ll share with you all my experience visiting and having fun inside The Dessert Museum, Manila.


It is an immersive exhibit composed of different rooms and areas designed with large display of different sweets and desserts. Each room has a theme which makes it more interesting and exciting!

I visited this place together with 2 of my friends on my birth month. If you’re gonna ask me why on my birth month? It’s because.. you can have your ticket at 50% discount when you visit on your birth month! All you have to do is present your valid ID with your birthmonth on it. Yesss! Considered it as my birthday celebration!🥳🥳


Here’s me with my friends all excited as we enter the first room. We also get free lollies and sweets as we make our way on each room.


It is called the Donut Room! The room is filled with pink colored candy sprinkled donuts! It’s quite bigger than the real donut but it also look soooo real! The one’s hanging is as big as my face!😅



After taking soooo much photos, we transfer to the next room. It’s like a Marsmallows Sky! White Marshmallows hang from the ceiling with blue wall background which make it soooo cool to the eyes!



Beside the Marshmallow room is the Rainbow Room! It’s a rainbow filled colored room with a Rainbow Arc made of giant candy gelly! It’s just a small area but you can pose anywhere and can get really good photo. 🌈🌈



Before you can enter the next room, the Candy Cane Room, there are 2 doors, the Naughty and Nice door. Unfortunately, I only have photo at the Naughty Door haha!


When you entered the room.. it looks like this!
insert** Thousand Miles song 😅

Making my way downtown!🎶🎵


It’s a pink colored candy canes! But when you go inside the other door, the Nice Door. It’s a blue colored candy canes! But you can also meet half way! There’s also a see-saw in the middle.



Another small room placed side by side are the Gumballs Room and the Strawberry Lippie Room. It’s quite simple compared to the other themed rooms. You can just posed in the middle of each displays.



Next is my favorite room! The Giant Tea Party room! It also has large pastel colored macaroons. I tried getting inside the giant mug (my friends didn’t) haha



sooo good right?? perfect to be used as a cover photo 💕

Next stop is the Banana Room and Cloud rooms. Banana room is filled with giant babanas! You can actually hold it but it’s really big 😅


While in cloud room, there is a swing where you can actually ride. It’s also good for a photo background.


This is my second favorite room. Pastel colored bakery room. YESSSS TO PASTEL!! 😂😂

Here are giant display of crackers and biscuits! Yes! Bigger than I am. There is also a somewhat kind of Wheel of Fortune Cupcakes 😅




Next is the Giant Gummy Bear Room. I only have this photo since lots of visitors stayed in this room 😅


Another fave is the Smash Your Piñata room. As you can see in the photos, we really had fun in this room. TBH, it’s quite heavy but for the photos.. yuhh lets do this!😂



Next is just a corner area filled with colorful ribbons.


Second to the last room is the Giant Lollipop Room! It’s actually hanged upside down so you can sit with it. It’s moving side by side. So let me sing.. You came in like a wrecking ball 🎶🎵🤣


Last stop is the Airballoon display. You need to go up to actually ride it.


So there goes my The Dessert Museum Manila experience. I hope you like it and I hope one day you can visit it also. Unfortunately it’s temporarily closed at this moment since it’s pandemic. Hoping for a better tomorrow 🌈💕

Ps. Here’s some of the sweets freebies you can it while roaming the area 😅 Chocolate filled mallows!🍫



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