Golden hour ☀️

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"Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows." H.K

I must say that I really love to share photos on this community. I am so grateful that people really appreciate talent and effort and it makes me feel good! So thank you for that 🤍

Photo is taken in Šibenik, Croatia 🙃
Have you ever heard of Croatia? Can you guess where is that country? Feel free to comment!

I want you to have a good day!

Big greetings from


The light of evening sun and highlight on one side of face leaving the other is shadow looks great. I have never been in Croatia but slowly and surely many of my family members and friends had been and absolutely fascinated with Croatia. Beautiful photo :)

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Thank you very much ! I am so glad to hear that and I hope that maybe one day you will visit Croatia too 😊

I like that photo! The shadows are interesting.

I have heard of Croatia but I would have to look at Google Maps to see where it is exactly.

I want you to have a good day too! :)

Thank you very much 🙃 I was just curious because mostly people don't know that Croatia is in Europe 😄

I found it on Google Maps and now I know where Croatia is! And I see that Sibenik is on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and has a river named Krka. Maybe that is what I see in the background of your picture?

Yes! Basically river Krka flows into the Adriatic sea so that is it 😄