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Today I was in the swamp. These are certainly not Aceh forests, but I did a lot of summer swamp macros. And I dedicate this post to a fun initiative organized by @ sultan-aceh and his team.





I don’t know what this swamp flower is called. I haven't met him before. It reminds me of one houseplant in my house. I found its name on the Internet - it's Calla palustris.




Many little dragonflies circled around the water. Seem to be. that they were having wedding season.



Были, конечно, и более серьёзные стрекозы. Они больше напоминали маленькие вертолёты. Некоторые согласились немного попозировать.

I took a lot of frames, but I haven't had time to process everything yet. We will definitely continue this walk through the swamp. There were various interesting meetings there.

CameraSony A7М2
Post-productionin LR

Manual processing in Lightroom

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Regards, @bambuka


Really love those plants and the way how you presenting them. You post definitely deserve more :)

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Glad to see you @stef1 and thank you for your kind words and support!
Oddly enough, I saw these flowers for the first time or for the first time I paid attention to them. It turns out that this is a rather rare plant and I was just lucky to find it blooming.

Dragonflies are amazing creatures. And they pose very nicely)

I like them, but very fast and restless :)