Puglia, my eyes wide open

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Greetings, photography lovers!

Probably the biggest part of my photographic travels is related to Italy. I traveled there countless numbers of times, I am pretty sure that's the country where I mostly traveled in, of course after my own country.

Sometimes I think there is some invisible magical bond between us. I guess I have to do one of those DNA tests that tells you where are your roots coming from. I wouldn't be surprised if that is somewhere in the Central or Southern regions of the "Boot". Tuscany? Puglia? That's where I felt like... at home.

Puglia. It always finds it ways to show me new amazing things and it always surprises me, every single day.
Architecture, Nature, People, Art, Holidays, Celebrations, History, Lifestyle, you name it!

Now see some of its magic by yourselves :) I am intentionally not showing you what you would expect (Truli for instance ;))










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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!


Such a lovely place full of history and stories. Very old cultural roots down there attracting old soul like you! LoL

A good match indeed!

Cheers, buddy, well said! :)