Magical Macro Photography~Featuring Ice Capades!

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(All photos taken by @paradigm42)
Winter O' winter, your freezing cold and often miserable weather keep me indoors most of the time.. But today I overcame and found the motivation to go out and get some macros after the latest storm!
My main loves to photograph are plants, flowers and insects, but I do find myself fascinated with taking snow and ice shots at times.
Today I focused on ice more since nature has provided many opportunities to do so before my fingers got too numb to continue.
I really like observing the trapped air in the ice. It is like capturing an intricate dance no one was supposed to see. Around and around the bubbles go, the moment flash frozen in time.
A temporary crystalline form, only free to flow and dance again by the will of the suns warm rays. (Alas the sun and its warm rays are missing on this cold winter day..)
Slowly the ice creeps its way down the needles of this young evergreen tree, encasing them in its frozen embrace.
I was pretty happy with how the next few photos came out. The way the ice took over on the branches on this old pine tree caught my eye. There was quite a bit of freezing rain before the storm turned completely to snow, allowing for this rather neat effect.
I love how the clear ice reflects everything around it. There is so many details to get lost in!
I could have spent hours taking photos like these if I could only get over my total dislike of being out in the cold for more than fifteen to twenty minutes at a time lol..
I can't help but think that I may have found a tiny secret portal to another dimension, perhaps to somewhere far more warm and pleasant than here at the moment. ;)
I shall leave you with an ice encrusted old oak leaf still clinging to its tree. A reminder that spring will eventually come again, bringing back all the things in nature I love to observe, experience, and capture with my photography.
I hope you enjoyed my little foray into icy winter macro photography. As always remember that it is all about the little things in life, and thanks for looking in! :)
(Photos taken with a LG Thin Q8, with a 15x macro smartphone lens.)

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Thank you for lending me your eyes...and I didn't have to go out in the cold :)
Very beautiful. This post reminds me of one I read recently by @svemirac, Exploring the Ice - A Word or Two About Temperature Changes. Another way of looking at ice. I think you'll find it fascinating.

Thank you, and my pleasure lol! ;) I normally would not have been motivated to go out into the cold to get those shots, but I had to bundle to go out to walk Malcolm either way lol. My puppers is my muse! I will definitely check out that post you mentioned, I took a quick look and it certainly seems like something I would find interesting so thanks again! :)


What a beautiful dog. Look at those clean white paws. Somebody really takes care of this sweetheart :)

Thank you! :) He is our (my boyfriend and I) sweet munchkin. He is very well loved and very spoiled by both of us lol.

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Thank you so much for noticing and featuring my work! :) Curation initiatives like this are a big part of seemit's success as far as I'm concerned. Thank for all that you do!

Well deserved! Keep up your great work! :))

Great macro shots! !BEER

Thank you! :)

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Congratulations @paradigm42

Thank you very much! :)

@paradigm42, All these pictures are telling one thing for sure and that is, how passionate you are towards capturing Nature's Aspects.

Every picture is detailed one and we can see Natural Art 🎨 through it.

Keep up with your passionate and wonderful work and good wishes from my side.

Have a joyful time ahead and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you very much! :) Being able to experience and capture nature's artistic beauty is truly one of my greatest loves in life. Good wishes and joy to you as well!

Those are great! Love the ones one pine needles... so clear.

Thank you! I greatly respect your opinions and always appreciate when you visit my blog. :)

It is always a pleasure :)

me encanta la fotografía macro. Tus imágenes son hermosas. Por lo que captó, me imagino que pasó demasiado tiempo tomando esas imágenes. En ese congelador de la naturaleza.

I love macro photography. Your images are beautiful. From what he got, I imagine he spent too much time taking those images. In that freezer of nature. @paradigma42

Thank you very much! :) I also love macro photography. It was very cold out when I took the images. I am not sure how long I was outside, but I tried to get the images as quick as I could.

That is called love of art. It was worth the effort, they are great images.

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Thank you very much! :) I have a great deal of appreciation for manual curating initiatives like this one. Thank you for all of the curation work you do!

Our pleasure :)

fantastic job, I love macro photography, I'm trying to learn more about it;)) !! your shots are beautiful :)) have you studied photography or are you self-taught?
congratulations on your work and the curie vote

Those are really stunning images. :)

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Thank you very much! :) I was hoping for better lighting outside today, but was fairly happy with how these shots turned out.