Daily PhotoFeed Roundup #580

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Hey Photo Community!


Photofeed is now back in daily curation mode - Make sure to join!

Update - We are now part of the new community feature of Steem which is currently in the Beta phase. Make sure to give us a follow to grow this project further! - Photofeed Community


  • Everyone can participate by using the #Photofeed tag (under your first 5 tags) to get a chance of daily 7x Upvotes .
  • Daily wrap up from the Top 7 photos of the previous Day
  • Interviews, photo news, and other things related to photography
    You can now support the Project by delegating to Photofeed


Top 7 Pics #580


















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An excellent collection of photographic fine Art.
Resteemed and curated to curation-compilations in @c-squared on Discord

Thanks! It was a day full of impressive pictures! :))

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Thank you :))


Cheers :))

Thanks for participating @sarimanok - You don't need to post the photo in the comments, just using the photofeed tag between your first 5 tags is already enough :)) Thanks!

This is a wonderful choice! So many different great artists.Congratulations to everyone!

Cheers! :))