My Portrait Nature Photography... (#steemexclusive).

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shot on iPhone 8+ in Portrait mode.

Now I understand that the world of photography is so much interesting as much as Art is but the importance of a photographer doesn't really lies much in his or her skills at some points but lies in his or her equipments.

I've made so many beautiful photographs in the past but looking at the devices used in making or taking the pictures, I really get satisfied with the outcome even though the effort is so much commendable.


shot on iPhone 8+ in Portrait mode.

After taking these snaps in portrait mode, I edited them with internal features the iPhone 8+ camera has by playing with the brightness, the vibrancy and how sharp the picture focus appears.


In this particular picture, I beat down the brightness so much but I still didn't lose my focus point and I also kept the warmth in the picture alive.

All pictures were snapped with my IPhone 8+.

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