🌈 Rad Rainbow Coleslaw! (Rainbows are ALWAYS DELICIOUS!)🌈 (Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Carb!)

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This is one of the most deliciously unsuspecting recipes I've ever popped out!


Yeah, I know that's a really big claim but this salad caught me seriously off guard which is why I thought it would be perfect to share it for @lenasveganliving #fruitsandveggiesmonday!

Here's what happened...

I had just made some coconut yogurt and was staring at it thinking... "what do I do with you?" when the cabbage caught my eye.

When I was wandering around Greece A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, I ended up buying this really cool handheld grater/peeler that makes harder veggies into strips and so, wanting to use the thing I bought and had never used yet... this salad was born!

I kept going into my fridge to see what else might be able to go through the slicing machine and before I knew it, I had a huge bowl that predicted itself being enjoyed to the very bottom somehow by making sure I made enough.


What You Need:

  • β…“ green cabbage
  • Β½ red bell pepper
  • Β½ yellow bell pepper
  • Β½ cucumber
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 cup cherry tomatoes
  • 1 cup acorn squash (steamed)
  • 1 cup snow peas (steamed)
  • 1 head broccoli
  • Β½ cup roasted pumpkin seeds


  • 1 lemon
  • Β½ cup coconut yogurt
  • Garlic salt

What To Do:

  1. Steam your squash and snow peas for a couple of minutes until they become tender. When they are done steaming, set them aside to cool
    (I steamed mine separately to make sure I didn't overdo the peas)

  2. Chop up your cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, cucumber and add it all into a big bowl
    (I used the grater I was talking about earlier to make everything into long, thin slices)

  3. Cut up your tomatoes and broccoli and add them to the bowl
    (I quartered the tomatoes and sectioned off the mini trees into bite sizes for the broccoli)

  4. In a separate bowl mix together coconut yogurt, lemon and garlic salt and set aside

  5. Cut up the snow peas and squash into bites and add them to the big bowl

  6. Pour the sauce all over the contents of the big bowl, stirring and making sure everything gets covered

  7. Top with roasted pumpkin seeds

Maybe it's because my homemade coconut yogurt was seriously boss mode or maybe it's because everything tasted better with my tool I carried all the way home from Greece... I don't know what it is but this salad is now going to be one of my go-to's!

Hope you like it!


You definitely don't need to grate it like I did, you can use a normal cheese grater or just cut your veggies into bites and toss them in the sauce!

Cece 😘
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Delicious vegan treat for real food lovers - yumyumyum

Β  Β· Β 7 days agoΒ 

shes back! good timing too, i could use a lill vegan inspiration! got some cashew cheese on the go!

hope you are well, feels like its been a long time!

Hey Alex! Yes, semi-back :) I am still more than full time in my other projects but I just got back to Bali and at least am based at home so I can find some spare time to inspire a few dishes here and there! I'm doing great, just full of fun things! I hope you're doing great as well, it's definitely been a long time as I was away for probably a year or more! <3 xx

Β  Β· Β 7 days agoΒ 

happy to hear your semi back at least.. i'm sure life in Bali has enough to offer to keep you in the real world a bit!

Im good, working hard on an ecoVillage project in Portugal, its an exciting project and one that I hope will finally lead me out of the mountains in India and with other people and proper community..

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the changes that have happend on Steem! it feels different since the last HF, we call it New Steem ;-) im sure you have been updated by some of the folks! <3 xx

Β  Β· Β 7 days agoΒ (edited)

Yummmy! I love salads like this and the coconut yogurt sounds off the scale divine! Resteemed

Thanks my dear <3 Yes, coconut yogurt is one of my favorite things, it makes everything delicious! =D

Heart-to-heart Hi, thanks for sharing. It's a delicious salad recipe. I'm going to prepare it looks very delicious. I like new culinary ideas. @albertogio

Great to hear @albertogio :) It's actually quite easy if you have the ingredients (or some similar ones) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Have a great week!

Β  Β· Β 7 days agoΒ 

that sounds wonderful!

Absolutely was! I think the star player was the coco yo! :)

Β  Β· Β 6 days agoΒ 

Thank you!

Looks and sounds amazing Sweetie! Great job! πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸ’š


Thank you dear Lena, I'm happy I remembered it was Monday, I love being part of your challenge when I am in alignment with the calendar ;) <3

Love those happy recipes that come from random inspiration! Some of the meals tossed together with odds and ends from the veggie bin are the best ones. I just saw @amy-goodrich's coconut yogurt, and now yours so I think it's a sign to try making my own. Sounds delicious used in this salad!

Oh I definitely say you should! I kept putting it off because I didn't have vegan probiotics and living in Bali, I mean stuff like that isn't always the easiest to get but I got someone to bring me some and now the coco yo is ON! It's so easy-- you won't regret it <3

I have no excuses as I'm sure I can easily find vegan cultures here. I've been having fun starting to ferment more veggies, so might as well add yogurt to my probiotic goodies!

Well you have this little thing called "ordering online" that I don't have (and miss like crazy) so it should be very easy when you get the desire to start! I just ordered mine off Amazon and then of course, went to the market to get the coconuts to create the cream but I think you could probably easier just buy the cream there ;) <3

a very beautiful sunset :-)

I guess it's like a food sunset, isn't it? :)

Β  Β· Β 6 days agoΒ 

very nice and delicious...

Hi @heart-to-heart, the rainbow coleslow very eye catching. It is healthy and easy to prepare as well. I think I will try make it tmr. πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΌ

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