Winter day in the mountains - Colorchallenge Friday blue

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This is my entry for #colorchallenge.

To be honest, the mountains have nothing to do with this photograph.

I live on a plain, around, a lot of swamps, no mountains, and snow, this year, no.

The snow fell and quickly melted.

I managed to take this picture.

I wanted to depict the snow-capped mountains, the pine forest in the mountains and the blue sky.

To do this, I took a picture from bottom to top, clinging to a stone fence, on which a little snow lay.

In the end, it turned out something like a snowy hill on which pine trees grow, under a blue sky on a bright, sunny day.


Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

Author @barski

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